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Peavey PR 15 PA loudspeakers

Peavey PR 15 PA loudspeakers
A compact, passive PA speaker benefiting from US manufacturing and also the trusted Peavey brand.
With a passive loudspeaker, you really need to ensure you have at least as much clean amp power available for the reason that loudspeaker is rated for, if not you’ll lose out on overall volume and run into distortion at a lower level. A 500W-RMS-per-channel amplifier will be a viable choice. That's essentially what we used for our testing, and that I wouldn’t recommend going lower than 300W for each channel. Moulded annonceur cabinets seldom sound as good to my hearing because wood made types since it is tough to damp out all the cabinet resonances. When operating mainly along with vocals and mid-range instruments, this PR 15s come over as quite clear, with only a hint of the particular lower-mid ‘Tupperware’ tonality while pushed. This particular becomes more clear in case you put lower frequencies via the system, and though you could get away with using these speakers for full-range material at lower levels, you’d need to be using a sub and a suited effective cross-over.
The directivity of these speakers is fairly well chosen, for the reason that vertical coverage limits the volume of noise lost on the floor and roof. Also, the 90-degree horizontal coverage signifies less risk of a dead place in the center for members of the audience who are close to the bands - a tremendous consideration for smaller sites. Speech intelligibility turned out to be pretty good using a wonderful vocal presence, even though the top ending doesn’t sound as fairly sweet and delicate as you become with many of the more expensive systems surrounding, it isn’t too tough and also carries well. Performance has always to be assessed in the context of selling price, plus in this example the PR 15s don’t cost you even more than unbranded, Chinese-made PA loudspeakers. Given their fairly low cost, I’d have to suggest them as one of the much better budget purchases if you’re after a portable plastic box speakers that may be run from your own power amplifier or powered mixer
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